The Shattered Sceptre

The Search For the Shard

Session 2

The party then found that there was another group of orcs still heading toward the crags. They then ran after them and tracked them down sneaking into a dark cave after killing the forward scouts. Working their way thru the cave, the adventurers noticed some flickering light and hissing from a corner, and then a flaming ball flew at the party. Reacting quickly, Skrom jumped and round house kicked the ball back in the direction it came. It exploded, and lit up the cave to show the adventurers a dozen or more orcs fleeting in and out of the shadows in the cave. Raynor made quick work of a few groups of orcs, while Draydeth rushed down and beat down some of the bigger orcs. Pluck fired off some nasty insults, taking the fight out of quite a few orcs and keeping the party going with the occasional limerick. Skrom broke off from the main group, and jumped over a chasm to smash into a group of orcs and a shaman of sorts on a dais. Raynor got his back and blasted thru a group of orcs approaching from another passage. Jin seemed a bit out of sorts, hiding in the shadows, and not really doing a whole heck of a lot. Seeing the devastation wrought to his band of orcs, the leader dropped to his knees surrendering to Skrom and Jin. He handed over the shard, and then decided that it was a good idea to try and stab Skrom, but he was not quick enough. Skrom then broke his fist off on his face, and then the party moved on to search the rest of the caves for the stolen goods. Upon recovering the goods and returning to the town, the group headed back to the governor to recieve their payday, followed by a trip to Jensen Alabard to return the shard of septrain. After some extreme pressure and questioning, the party bullied Jensen into revealing more of why the shard was so valuable to him. He told the group of the pieces of the sceptre, and how it could bestow upon the wielder great power and wealth. Skrom then convinced Jensen to let them take the shard to the town of Cold Meadow where Jensen’s cousin had another shard (through threats of feeding him to the orcs the next time they come into town looking for it…) The group then hired a crew to clean up and fix up their new hall near the docks, where Daydreth decided for the moment to stay and manage the place to ensure a good gathering place for the group upon their return.


spuppett JustinRobertThomsen

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