The Shattered Sceptre

The Road North

Session 3

After settling in for the night in their new shanty on the water in lopancia, the adventurers awoke to a cold rain. Upon seeing multiple ships in the docs, Raynor thought it best to seek berth on one of the trader ships heading north. They spoke with Duncan and were pointed in the directions of the docks where they were to meet with Captain Jewbeen, who was headed to the port of harmony, just west of cold meadow. They decide to hop aboard the ship after being invited as a favor to Duncan, and As they did, Skrom noticed that Jin was not getting on the boat.

“I too was a ship’s captain,” Jin stated matter of factly.
“Are you coming?” Skrom asked.
“No, the water and myself don’t quite get along. I may find my way north by different means, you will see me soon.” Jin said.

Some men with a large load of boxes shuffled past, and Skrom and Daydreth noticed the fragile labels on the sides of the box.
“What are those about?” Daydreth asked Skrom.
“How should I know? I know we are about to find out though…” Skrom said with a sly look.

So the party hopped on the boat and immediately scoped out their surroundings. After a few minutes of sneaking around in the hold of the boat, Skrom was stopped by some of the captains men, and he let the captain and his crew know that he felt the ship was unbalanced, and took it upon himself to reorder the hold. Skrom then reported back to his friends that he found mostly rum and fish, and did not find the fragile boxes, but did find an area he could not reach. Pluck and Raynor began entertaining the crew as they shoved off toward the north, and Daydreth snuck into the hold.
Daydreth found the area that was hidden by magic and removed the spell in order to inspect them. Upon opening a few, he found human remains. Upon opening the last box, a skeleton jumped out of the box and began attacking him. After multiple futile attempts at hitting the skeleton it climbed back in the box and sealed itself in. Daydreth then came back upstairs to let everyone know what he found, and Raynor wanted to know how they were able to hide the boxes in the hold. He transformed himself into the captain, went below deck, and discovered the secret behind the hidden boxes. The captain informed the adventurers that they would check on their cabins that evening to ensure their safety, something that Skrom was none too happy about, especially since there seemed to be something strange going on.
The first mate of the ship, Truendor, became irrate at the news that the adventurers had been in the hold, and took a large sum of men down to the hold the next day to check things out. Skrom and the first mate argued about whether or not they could accompany the crew downstairs, and in the end, Truendor trumped the adventurers, and forced them to stay on the deck of the ship. The sea began to churn, the boat suddenly lurched and screams arose from the hold. Skrom kicked in the door and ran thru with Pluck and Daydreth following behind him. As Raynor started towards the door, a massive kraken lich slammed into the boat, stopping him in his tracks.

“Guys? Guys???? Damn, why do I have to do everything around here.”

Back in the hold, the group saw the devastation of bloody and battered bodies of the crew (including Truendor) strewn about like ragdolls. A massive force of skeletons turned their attention towards the 3, but they were no match. Meanwhile, Raynor tried raining everything down on the kraken, but apparently rain doesn’t hurt fish, and water is fireproof. When the rest of the group came back upstairs, they turned their attention towards the tentacles slicing them off one by one, and Skrom attached a rope to a barrel and a spear, and hit the kraken in the chest, pulling it down into the water a bit. With a final hurrah, the group repelled the kraken, but were left to face the captain and the crew who were upset about the undead threat on the boat, thinking the adventurers brought it with them.


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