The Shattered Sceptre

It Begins...

Session 1

After talking to Duncan at the docks, the adventurers found themselves in the Governors mansion. Gov. Shavan had a celebration coming up and didn’t want the orcs to ruin their fun. With his men being tied up with city tasks, the Governor asked the adventures to help him out. After negotiating a price, the Governor stated that he was missing some items from his town and would like them back if possible, but above all he wanted the orcs dealt with. The missing objects were a couple ornate swords and a piece of old clay. The Governor informed us of his scouts returning and we waited for thier arrival. The orcs officers wore a red sash. Known as the bloodbringers. They passed through a town called appleburough and attack the Governors city directly. They were well organized. They are hiding in the craigs outside the city about 2 days travel. Jensen Alabard wanted the adventurers to retrieve a relic that was stolen. Shard of Septrain. Bring it back for cash money. We fought some orcs, found the item, and are ready for what is next.


spuppett JustinRobertThomsen

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